Monitoring Camera post on Cliff Island

Climate Change Observatory Network

A Climate Change Observatory (CCO) site crowdsources photos to create a time lapse video that helps monitor and document environmental changes that occur over time at a specific location. People are invited to participate by locating a CCO site, placing their mobile device on the photo bracket, taking a photo and uploading it via email. Community members, volunteers, land stewards and people just like you, help monitor and document environmental changes over time.

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Little Diamond Island

On Raising the Funds to Purchase the Two LDI Lots

by Bill Stauffer

The effort to obtain the two waterfront lots that were owned by the late David Putnam began in the fall of 2017. The lots were listed at a combined price of $668,000, a sum that the small long-range planning group on LDI knew was not realistic for the island to raise. Still, the group received permission from the Little Diamond Island Association to attempt negotiating with the seller. An offer of $200,000 for just the upper lot was rejected. In the meantime, we watched with some trepidation as potential buyers came and went, scoping out these two beautiful lots for potential building sites.

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Monarch Butterfly. Image by PopcornSusanN from Pixabay.

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly population in North America has plummeted by over 90% in just the last 20 years. One of the biggest factors in monarch decline is the increasing scarcity of its only caterpillar host plant: milkweed. Without milkweed, monarchs can’t successfully reproduce and the species declines. By planting milkweed in your own garden and throughout your community, you can help reverse the fortune of these beautiful insects.

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