Jeremy Miller

2022 Annual Meeting & Video

Featured speaker:

Jeremy Miller, Research Associate
Wells Reserve at Laudholm

OCT's 2022 Annual Meeting took place on September 20th at the Long Island Community Center. A brief business meeting included special recognition of many years of service by retiring Board of Directors member Tom Bergh. The meeting was followed by an excellent presentation on making invasive species by Jeremy Miller.

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Amanda Beal speaking at the OCT 2021 Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting & Video

OCT's 2021 Annual Meeting took place at The Meadows on Cliff Island, on a gorgeous October day. Amanda Beal, Commissioner of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry addressed the group.

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2020 Annual Meeting & Video

The 2020 OCT Annual Meeting took place on October 15 on Little Diamond Island. The meeting celebrated the permanent preservation of two remarkable parcels of land on Little Diamond Island. Three hundred thousand dollars was raised – locally, and in a very short time period - and the land placed in OCT ownership and under its stewardship - a very effective collaboration. 

This is testimony to just how highly one island’s residents value assuring public access to a uniquely beautiful piece both of Casco Bay and of the whole Maine Coast. As former OCT President Chris McDuffie was wont to declare: “Man’s monuments are erected... and then fall; preserved open space is forever.”