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Fowlers Beach
1987, Easement, 7.18 Acres

Framed by Rosa rugose and beach grass, this beautiful double-horseshoe sandy beach is used for community recreation. Fowler’s Beach is owned by the Long Island Civic Association (LICA) and includes open space on marshy upland portions.

The Bluffs
1989, Easement, 18 Acres

The panoramic view of Casco Bay from The Bluffs, as well as the scenic view from the water, is spectacular. The private owners allow public access on walkable paths (beware of poison ivy) to both North and South points. This property abuts the ACE ballfield.

Daveis Sanctuary
1994, Owned by the OCT, 6.8 Acres

Designated in 1946 by Mary and Mabel Daveis as a songbird sanctuary, Daveis Sanctuary was transferred in 1977 to Maine Audubon and to the OCT in 1994. A conservation easement is held by the Peaks Island Land Preserve (PILP). The woods and waterfront abut Skillings Woods.

Battery Steele
1995, Easement, 14.3 Acres

This historic WWII coastal battery defence located on the ocean side of Peaks Island is owned by the PILP. Batery Steele was built to protect Casco Bay during World War II, and is now used for open space and recreation.

North Point
1997, Easement, 9 Acres

The conservation esement on privately owned wooded property preserves open space on Cliff Island and the scenic views from Casco Bay, ensuring that all boaters passing by Cliff Island can enjoy an essentially undeveloped, prominant headland. There is no public access.

College Island
1998, Owned by OCT, 1 Acre

Previously owned by CMP, this small island located off the western edge of Long Island is managed for recreational day use by the Maine Island Trails Association. The steep ledge shoreline rises to a dense growth of roses and bayberry.

ACE Ballfield
2000, Easement, 15.4 Acres

Owned by the Cliff Island Corporation for Athletics, Conservation and Education (ACE), the ballfield abuts The Bluffs and is used for many community recreational purposes. A freshwater marsh, set between two beaches, hosts many migratory birds on their north-south migration.

Griffins Cove
2000, Easement, 0.75 Acre

Located in the center of Cliff Island opposite the Ferry Wharf, this parcel was donated by Mary Brackett to ACE. The easement allows passive recreational use of the community swimming hole. The shorefront is used for the storing of boats and fishing gear in the winter.

Everett & Mildred Skillings Woods
2001, Owned by OCT, 1.5 Acres

Donated by Robert and Sarah Skillings, this wooded property conserves open space on Peaks Island. It abuts Daveis Sanctuary and Echo Pond. The conservation easement is held by PILP.

Echo Pond
2005, Owned by OCT, 0.4 Acre

OCT purchased this pond from Jack and Candace Healy to compliment Skillings Woods and the Daveis Sanctuary and is studying the pond to document significant vernal pool activity.

Wreck Cove
2004, Easement, 11.3 Acres

Owned by the town of Long Island, this wooded parcel with a 400 foot cobble beach preserves open space containing diverse habitats of woods, wetland and shoreline for wildlife and recreation.

Memorial Woods
2006, Easement, 0.5 Acre

Purchased through community effort and preserved by the Little Diamond Island Association (LDIA), these five former house lots are preserved as open space on Little Diamond Island. The property includes old growth oaks and abundant wild ramps.

Hagge Woods
2012, Owned by OCT, 2.47 Acres

A gift from Cyrus & Patty Hagge. Forested upland on Little Diamond Island with old growth American Beech and Shagbark Hickory trees. On the shore of Casco Bay with views of Portland. 

Gardiner Easement
2014, Easement, .27 Acres

Owned by the Cliff Island Corporation for Athletics, Conservation and Education (ACE), A mid intertidal parcel with forested upland habitat.  With views of Jewel Island.

Ice Pond
2017, Easement, 2+ Acres

Partnered with the Peaks Island Land Preserve to double layer the protection of this historic community asset.

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