Woodland Paths

Conserve Your Lands

In considering your lands future you face a decision that carries privilege and responsibility.

The continuing beauty of Maine’s Islands depends on the choices private landowners of this generation make.

Protection of  Land, conservation easements preserve and protect open lands, scenic vistas, wildlife habitats, watersheds and recreational opportunities. In addition Conserved land is good for the local economy and neighboring land owners.

Landowner Benefits, conservation easements protect cherished property forever, they provide income tax benefits and they can insure that land will pass to the next generation without tax burden.

Easements are flexible, A conservation, easement can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of the individual landowner. One can design an easement with limited future construction, limited or no public access, or access only by trails. One can also specify the land uses, forever wild, farmland, recreation or fishing industry use.

OCT will assume the long term monitoring and enforcing the easement; we are dedicated to those that have decided to protect their land in perpetuity.