Past Events

July 20, 2017

Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay | 35th Annual Meeting on Little Diamond Island held at the Casino on Little Diamond Island.

The Development History of Little Diamond Island from a Natural History Perspective

Featuring a Special Presentation from Bill Needelman, Waterfront Coordinator City of Portland, ME, presenting on the Development History of Little Diamond Island from a Natural History Perspective followed by a tour of OCT’s lands and several cottages.

2016 Annual Meeting on Long Island

  Matthew Bampton          

Video of Meeting from CTN


2015 Annual Meeting on Cliff Island

Ted Reiner & Roger Berle

 Carolyn Walker & Ben Bruger

Watch a video presentation of the 2015  meeting

2014 the 32nd Annual Meeting on Cushings Island

Guest Speaker Jane Arbuckle, Maine Coast Heritage Trust

John Spenser's walk thru the conserved lands.

Invasive Bittersweet overgrowth onBattery Foote


Winter Bird Cruise on Casco Bay
Saturday March 8, 2014 
20 guests on a warm & sunny,day saw, lots of longtail duck, bald eagles and loons with changing plumage.
Eider Ducks usually seen rafting in great numbers were very few. It is suspected that the invasive green crabs are eating their prime food source, blue mussels.


   Annual Meeting 2013
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View a Video of 2013 Annual Meeting


Winter Birdwatch on Casco Bay 2013

Twenty five species including one bald eagle


   Annual Meeting 2012

  Watch News Coverage

Annual Meeting 2011

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Annual Meeting 2010                 


 Watch a video report courtesy of Community Television Network


 Invasive Species & Revegetation Workshops


Joint Land Trust Shindig



Winter Birdwatch on Casco Bay 2011



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Bird Species List


35th Annual Meeting
July 20, 2017 - 1:30 PM
Speaker Bill Needelman Read More



Spring Oceanside Property Monitoring
May 16, 2017
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