Annual Meeting

Watch the video of the Presentation at the Annual Meeting on Little Diamond Island.

Land Trust Celebrating Skyrockets! Planes trailing banners!! Gilded Proclamations!!!

Uh, maybe not. And perhaps not, then, because Oceanside doesn’t usually indulge in sensory overload extravaganzas. We tend to acknowledge our successes - and concerns - in quiet conversations with our members, stewards and neighbors. 

But land trusts do regularly produce outsized accomplishments, well worthy of public notice and acclaim. And, ergo, celebration! 

So, here in this tamped-down, Covid-covered year of 2020, let’s go with something that suits this latest conservation accomplishment. Also, let’s keep it suitable for personal and public safety and healthfulness. 

How about a respectful autumn afternoon gathering high over a picturesque passage with fresh breezes cleansing the setting – and the attendees? Afterward, let’s stream the celebration for those not able to attend. That, too, should be safe! 

Well, such is the plan for our Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay October 15th 2020 Annual Meeting upon the occasion of celebrating the permanent preservation of two remarkable parcels of land on Little Diamond Island. A low- key gathering, perhaps, but OCT will not be quiet in our admiration of the “Little” residents who pulled off this not-so-little project in a very short time period. To be more specific, three hundred thousand dollars was raised – locally - and the land placed in OCT ownership and under its stewardship - a very effective collaboration indeed. 

This is testimony to just how highly one island’s residents value assuring public access to a uniquely beautiful piece both of Casco Bay and of the whole Maine Coast. 

In person or online, you will be able to hear Islander Harry Pringle speak about the unusual history of the site as well as hear from residents so committed to this project. Please join us on the Island - or jump in our stream!! 

As former OCT President Chris McDuffie was wont to declare: “Man’s monuments are erected... and then fall; preserved open space is forever.” 

And, please join these generous, foresighted Islanders with your own continuing financial support so that OCT will have more such future successes to celebrate. 

Roger Berle, President

OCT Annual Meeting 2020 Invitation
OCT Putman Lot on Little Diamond Island
Putnam Lot on Little Diamond Island
Little Diamond Island Lot owned by Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay